Living The Brand

Tebogo Gobe
Good Work Ethics

Tebogo Gobe, one of the cleaning staff found and empty cigarette box with R100.00 slotted at the back of the box and handed it over to the supervisor for the owner to collect. Well Done Tebogo.

Tsebo Logo
Compliments to the team

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for the excellent service that was delivered at Struisbult on short notice. The site inspection was done on Sunday and I received a compliment from the Managing Director  of how nice and cleaned the facilities looked. Once again well done…

Regards – Client

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Honest Hearts Produce Honest Actions

Patience found a purse in the lavatory and returned it to the owner who was grateful. “I went to the bathroom and placed my purse on the dispenser, after returning to my husband’s ward I realised that I did not have my purse with me. I immediately rushed to the bathroom to find that Patience has already handed over my purse to reception. I was just so impressed by her honesty.” Regards – Client

Nomalizo Mgqelu
Good Practise at work…

Nomalizo Mqgelu found cash in an unlocked locker and handed it over to the shift supervisor for the owner to claim back the money. Once again she has shown good practice and ethics. Well done!

Zolile Maqungo
The Tsebo Way…

Zolile Maqungo found a projector and handed it over to the night shift supervisor and this was handed over to the security for safe keeping until the owner claims the item back . Well done Zolile

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Congratulations to team Bethlehem

It has been two months since your company started rendering cleaning services to our business. I have seen good progress thus far which we need to maintain and build on. Over the past two months, I have had senior executives visit the site and they have been happy with the current state of our factory. We continuously engage with your supervisor on site in ensuring that our hygiene standards are maintained and he has done good work with his team.

Regards – Client

Lorraine Matlala
Spotless cleaning

Lorraine Matlala, a cleaner from the ICU has been chosen as the best Tsebo cleaner in the hospital. She is the only cleaner that knows how to do proper terminal cleaning. I usually do three swabs of different areas in the room that she has cleaned and test result is always a pass. She is the only cleaner that never has to redo the cleaning because of a fail result.  She is also very loyal, neat and takes her job serious. When Lorraine is working in my ICU everything is spotless clean and I promise you that the unit manager will agree with me on this.

Regards – Client

Tsebo Logo
The Best Cleaning Team

This is the best cleaning team. You always go an extra mile and I’m proud of you. Thank you to Walter, Jerry and Enicca.

Regards – Client

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Hardwork pays off

I just thought I should mention that Penny is extremely efficient, hardworking and thorough in all her work. I wish we could have a 100 Penny’s in our unit.

Regards – Client

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Well Done Julia…

I just want to send a motivation to you regarding the way that Julia Hlongwane conducts herself whenever she cleans my office. She is always very courteous, always smiling and does an excellent job. She always asks first before doing anything. Keep up the good work. Regards – Client