Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide the highest quality, hospital-level cleaning and hygiene services, no matter the sector or environment.


Tsebo Hygiene provides washroom hygiene services, hygiene consumables and pest control for the comprehensive management of an organisation’s health and to mitigate any safety risks


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide a full range of pest control solutions, ensuring the health and safety of learning, working and production environments.


Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene provide high quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers and workspaces.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of industry sectors.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of sectors.


Our one-stop, project-based offering coupled with a deep understanding of corporate requirements, provides our clients with future-proofed and sustainable workspaces


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As companies begin to normalise by returning employees to their physical work environments, the responsibility for creating safe, clean and hygienic workspaces has shifted to business owners.


When we spoke about ‘return to work’ from a cleaning perspective pre-2020, the commonly held notion was that the office or workspace would need a quick ‘blitz’ to make it look presentable before employees and clients returned to work after the festive season shutdown.


The current COVID-19 pandemic, however, has changed the narrative around ‘workplace readiness’ and highlighted the importance of cleaning as a critical tool in helping to curtail the spread of the coronavirus – with cleaning and disinfection taking precedence in people’s minds over cleaning for appearance’s sake.


Importantly, as organisations consider how to return staff to a more normalised work situation, the onus has shifted onto business owners to ensure safe working environments. Now the distinction is made between cleaning that removes dust and grime from a surface, and cleaning being an activity that includes disinfection to reduce the number of invisible pathogens and to reduce 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.




This impeccable level of cleaning is what we at Tsebo call, ‘cleaning beyond the obvious’. We’ve deployed science to ensure hospital-level cleaning, no matter the environment, long before any of us knew what the coronavirus was. Our cleaning teams are highly trained in precise methodologies and we make use of technology and scientifically verified ingredients that are combined with the correct inert ingredients to create a synergy that ensures allinclusive disinfection.



We offer maintenance cleaning services for offices, schools, nursing homes, hotels, industrial premises, government buildings, hotels, shopping centres and hospitals, as well as once-off and periodic services that include pre-occupation cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, exterior building cleaning, preparation and restoration of floor surfaces and deep cleaning of office and factory ablutions.


Deep cleaning

Mechanical surface cleaning has been proven to substantially reduce bacterial colonies. Regular deep cleaning and periodic disinfection of high touch points provides employees with peace of mind that their work environment is safe.


COVID-19 specialised cleaning


Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions launched an emergency cleaning service in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which guarantees fast turnaround times on COVID-19 specific cleaning solutions. Our teams systematically clean and disinfect a facility to ensure all surfaces and critical touchpoints are disinfected with the approved chemicals and a two-step methodology. This means that door handles, light switches, keyboards, the backs and arms of chairs, plus all horizontal surfaces, like tables, countertops and desks are cleaned first, then followed by disinfection.


Electrostatic disinfection


Our specialised electrostatic disinfection and cleaning solution uses technology to deep clean and disinfect every millimetre of surface and hardto-reach space. An electrostatic sprayer is used in conjunction with a broad-spectrum virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant. As the solution leaves the sprayer it is electrically charged, ensuring better adherence to all sides of surfaces and a more even distribution, resulting in better disinfection.


Pest control 


The various levels of lockdown have resulted in large areas of office workspace remaining unused, and in some instances even being mothballed. When these buildings are unused for extended periods, nuisance pests such as vermin and cockroaches can quickly infest the space, carrying with them various diseases. Tsebo’s registered pest control operators ensure the environmentally friendly eradication and removal of rats and mice; cleaning and disinfection after rat and mouse activity (droppings, carcasses and nests); as well as elimination, spraying, baiting and trapping for problem insects. 


We offer the following solutions:

  • Rodent bait control stations
  • Fly control units
  • Cockroach treatments
  • Termite and ant treatment
  • Value-added initiatives



Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions are seasoned professionals when it comes to delivering immediate, cost-effective solutions for a germ-free environment. We eliminate sanitation and health threats through high-level hygiene solutions; from washroom fixtures and equipment to the certified chemicals and processes necessary to keep workspaces clean, healthy and productive. 


Not all environments are created equal


 We understand that not all work environments are created equal, which is why we’ve developed a range of solutions that can be tailored according to our clients’ needs. 


Floor care

 With multiple people tracking dirt into the workplace it doesn’t take long before floors become unsightly and unhygienic. Tsebo employs rigorous quality management, and routine or planned scheduling processes to ensure that all floors appear spotless on the surface but also reduce the spread of dirt; improve indoor air quality; reduce safety risks and enhance image and brand experience.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Carpets – wet extraction
  • Carpets – dry extraction
  • Carpets – encapsulation
  • Marble cleaning & restoration
  • Sand stone floor cleaning
  • Vinyl stripping and sealing


Industrial cleaning

 industrial spaces with heavy-duty equipment and machinery are magnets for grease and grime that collect in hard to reach places. Our skilled teams arrive clad in the correct protective gear and use specialised equipment and cleaning products to tackle challenging interiors or exteriors of buildings and structures. Our staff are experts in efficiently completing high level and difficult cleans. 


We offer the following solutions:

  • Rope and high-level access
  • Scaffolding
  • Industrial vacuum cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Rope access
  • Scaffolding
  • High flow system
  • Extension pole cleaning


High-level cleaning

When it comes to cleaning high and hard-to-reach places Tsebo is aware of the specific risks involved and uses skilled and accredited teams with specialist equipment to promptly and hygienically clean high-level surfaces to enhance building aesthetics and extend the lifespan of your elevated surfaces and facades.


Kitchen and canopy cleaning


Aside from COVID-19, kitchens are potentially high-risk environments for carrying food-borne diseases such as Salmonella and Listeria. Furthermore, 70 percent of fires in commercial kitchens are caused by fat and grease build up and defective ventilation, requiring a radical approach to kitchen canopy cleaning to prevent this. Tsebo works around the schedules of busy professional kitchens to provide a flexible cleaning service that ensures compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.


We offer the following solutions:

  • Walls, floors and other surfaces
  • Equipment
  • Dosing system for grease traps
  • Canopy and ducting cleaning
  • Filter cleaning


Information Technology (IT) cleaning

 Dust can be potentially fatal to the fine mechanisms of IT equipment. High-touch areas like computer keyboards are often the most germ infected items in your home, office or school. Tsebo uses specialised equipment to remove dust, dirt and bacteria from your computer, components, and peripherals. Cleaning the computer case maintains the good appearance of IT equipment while cleaning the ventilation slots helps to allow a steady airflow to keeps all components cool.


We offer the following solutions:

  • Computer screens and keyboard
  • Laptop computers
  • Head set cleaning
  • Copier machines
  • Telephones




At Tsebo we are confident that our no-compromise approach to ‘cleaning beyond the obvious’ has numerous long-term ‘beyond the obvious benefits for our clients, from significantly reducing health and safety risks and preventing the outbreak of problem pests, such as rats and cockroaches, to reducing maintenance and downtime costs. As organisations and schools return to work, we will continue to support our clients by creating and maintaining safe work environments by employing science and ‘elbow grease’ in our fight against the coronavirus and other disease-carrying pathogens.