Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide the highest quality, hospital-level cleaning and hygiene services, no matter the sector or environment.


Tsebo Hygiene provides washroom hygiene services, hygiene consumables and pest control for the comprehensive management of an organisation’s health and to mitigate any safety risks


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide a full range of pest control solutions, ensuring the health and safety of learning, working and production environments.


Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene provide high quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers and workspaces.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of industry sectors.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of sectors.


Our one-stop, project-based offering coupled with a deep understanding of corporate requirements, provides our clients with future-proofed and sustainable workspaces


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Tsebo Landscaping Solutions offers a range of specialised landscaping and corporate maintenance services.

We specialise in crafting sustainable, water-wise gardens that perfectly match your location’s needs. Our indoor plant solutions seamlessly integrate nature into your office space, with a diverse selection and maintenance services. Tailored corporate packages cater to both indoor and outdoor maintenance needs.


commercial landscaping & maintenance


Our landscaping service begins with a thorough on-site consultation, where we listen attentively to your preferences and vision for your outdoor space. Following this, we meticulously craft a detailed landscape design proposal, carefully selecting plants and materials that suit your aesthetic and environmental considerations.

Once the design is approved, our expert team handles all aspects of soil preparation, ensuring a healthy foundation for your landscape. From planting vibrant greenery to installing durable hard landscaping features, we bring your vision to life with precision and skill.

After the installation is complete, our commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. We provide comprehensive aftercare and maintenance services to ensure your landscape remains healthy and beautiful for years to come. From regular watering and pruning to seasonal adjustments and troubleshooting, we’ll keep your outdoor oasis in pristine condition.

Landscaping Service Breakdown:

  • Detailed on-site consultation
  • Proposal of landscape design and planting pallet
  • Soil preparation, planting, and installation of hard landscaping
  • Aftercare and maintenance

Corporate Maintenance

Our corporate maintenance services are designed to keep your outdoor spaces impeccably maintained year-round. With dedicated full-time teams, we offer weekly services that ensure every detail is attended to with care and expertise.

From mowing to fertilizing, our comprehensive programs keep your lawn lush and healthy, enhancing the overall appearance of your corporate grounds. We also specialize in irrigation systems and stormwater management, ensuring efficient water usage and environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to excellence extends to weed control and soil conditioning, ensuring that unwanted growth is kept at bay and your soil remains nutrient-rich and healthy. Additionally, our skilled team provides meticulous plant care and pruning, preserving the beauty and vitality of your landscape for all to enjoy.

Corporate Maintenance Service Breakdown:

  • Full-time teams and weekly services
  • Mowing and fertiliser programmes
  • Irrigation systems and stormwater management
  • Weed control and soil conditioning
  • Plant care and pruning

Indoor Plant Services

Our comprehensive indoor plant services enhance your interior spaces with greenery. Our stylish pots and planter solutions not only complement your decor but also provide optimal growing conditions for your plants.

Choose from a variety of indoor and silk plants to suit your preferences and maintenance needs. Whether you prefer the natural beauty of live plants or the low-maintenance convenience of silk plants, we have options to match your style.

With our complete rental and maintenance packages, you can enjoy hassle-free plant ownership. We handle everything from delivery and installation to ongoing care and maintenance, ensuring your indoor plants thrive and continue to brighten your space.

Indoor Plant Services Breakdown

  • Stylish pots and planter solutions
  • Indoor and silk plants
  • Complete rental and maintenance packages

Site Clearing and Once-off Clean-up

Our site clearing and once-off clean-up services are tailored to transform neglected outdoor areas into pristine landscapes. We specialize in clearing overgrown sites and plots, removing debris, and restoring order to your space.

For areas cluttered with smaller trees and shrubs, our skilled team handles precise felling and removal, creating a safer and more visually appealing environment.

Additionally, we offer once-off mowing and garden services to quickly rejuvenate your outdoor space. Whether it’s an overgrown lawn or neglected garden beds, we’ll efficiently tackle the job, leaving your property looking refreshed and inviting.

Site Clearing and Once-off Clean-up Breakdown:

  • Clearing of overgrown sites and plots
  • Felling of smaller trees and shrubs
  • Once-off mowing and garden services


  • Healthy, thriving plants
  • Clean, manicured gardens and surrounds
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions bring nature back to your gardens
  • Fast and friendly services with knowledgeable advice from our horticulturists

When you choose Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions you will always have complete peace of mind.


Our corporate landscaping services begin with a detailed consultation to understand your brand and aesthetic preferences. We then tailor the design to seamlessly align with your corporate identity.

Our corporate maintenance services stand out due to our dedicated full-time teams and comprehensive weekly services. We prioritize the upkeep of your outdoor spaces to maintain a professional appearance.

Yes, as part of our commitment to sustainable practices in corporate landscape management, we specialize in environmentally friendly landscaping solutions. Our team can incorporate eco-friendly elements into your landscape design and maintenance plan.

Our landscape maintenance company is equipped to handle emergency situations promptly and efficiently. With our expertise in outdoor landscaping and maintenance, we ensure minimal disruption to your commercial facility.

Absolutely, we offer flexible scheduling options for ongoing landscape maintenance services to suit your business needs. Whether it’s regular mowing, irrigation system maintenance, or weed control, we work around your schedule to keep your outdoor spaces pristine.