COVID-19 Quarantine Site Solutions

QuarintineSites.fwQuality facility solutions, dedicated to help curtail the spread of COVID-19, while supporting patient recovery and wellbeing.

With nearly 50-years’ experience in providing responsible workplace management solutions, Tsebo is in the unique position of being able to roll out rapid COVID-19 specific solutions. Our 26-years of technical and non-technical service provision in Healthcare has earned us a familiarity in helping to curtail the spread of infectious diseases through rigorous operational health, safety and quality control systems and standards. This, along with extensive experience in full turnkey remote camp/site and facility management across Africa, ideally positions us to provide tailored solutions to COVID-19 Quarantine Sites.

For more information on the range of solutions that we can offer quarantine sites, including catering, security, hygiene, cleaning and facilities management solutions, download our quarantine site solutions brochure here.Ebola.fw

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