Specialised Healthcare Cleaning


Healthcare facilities are highly specialised, high-risk environments. Each area is classified depending on its level of priority and requires a cleaning solution that meet each of its specific needs, with infection control and prevention a primary focus. Internally and externally clients have varied expectations of cleaning standards that directly affect their overall healthcare experience.


  • Our scientific approach is supported by new technologies.
  •    Global best practice, new methodologies and advanced equipment deal with current and future needs and demands.
  •    Highly systemised processes and streamlined operations ensure a responsive service and immediate delivery of consistent high-quality service and electronic reporting.
  •    We partner with suppliers and independent auditors who share our values and drive for continuous improvement.
  •    Infection prevention practices are benchmarked at Centre for Disease Control (CDC) levels and engrained in all standard operating procedures.
  •    Standard and specific procedures prevent cross contamination in low-, medium- and high-risk areas.
  •    Our response is rapid to current demands such as COVID-19 preventive and responsive cleans.
  •    Allocation of competent staff and the use of dedicated equipment in high-risk areas guarantees risk reduction to your business.
  • Regular client surveys and interaction with clients ensurethat we are aligned to, and exceed, their expectations.
  • Our competent and confident work force are well trained for the specific areas they
  • Continuous high focus on infection prevention and courtesy towards patients confirms our motto: ‘Cleaning Beyond the Obvious’.
  • Management teams follow a hands-on approach, supported by a sound electronic management
  • Services are customised to your premises based on layout, frequency of foot traffic and any other unique cleaning
  • The use of environmentally friendly chemicals and technology reduce water usage and packaging
  • Active promotion of recycling and responsible practices safeguards a better future for
  • Specialised services include high-level window cleaning, restoration and grinding of marble and natural stone floors, carpet cleaning using advanced methodologies, kitchens and canopy cleaning, ablution deep cleaning, IT cleaning and once-off specialised disinfecting.
  • Regular client surveys and interaction with clients ensure that we are aligned to, and exceed, their
  • Our people are our most important Specific training and development plans include soft skills and management development.
  • Tsebo Hygiene can provide personal protective equipment, hygiene dispensers, sanitisers and a wide range of certified and approved products. Our sanitisers and disinfectants are effective against a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi.



■ More than 25 years’ experience.
■ Work closely with the largest public and private facilities.
■ A range of cost-effective products specifically suited for specific demands.
■ The role of science in infection control and cleaning facilities is paramount.
■ Primary goal is to effectively prevent the spread of disease and promote better health and wellbeing of patients, health workers and visitors.
■ Careful planning and a precise methodology to mitigate the risk of cross contamination.