Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide the highest quality, hospital-level cleaning and hygiene services, no matter the sector or environment.


Tsebo Hygiene provides washroom hygiene services, hygiene consumables and pest control for the comprehensive management of an organisation’s health and to mitigate any safety risks


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide a full range of pest control solutions, ensuring the health and safety of learning, working and production environments.


Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene provide high quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers and workspaces.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of industry sectors.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of sectors.


Our one-stop, project-based offering coupled with a deep understanding of corporate requirements, provides our clients with future-proofed and sustainable workspaces


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pest control

Recent winner of seven PMR Awards, Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions has taken its commitment to listening to and understanding its client needs to the next level by setting ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance targets. There are many variables to maintaining and
growing a successful business in the economically challenging and dynamic environment we find ourselves in. On the one hand, businesses need to adapt quickly to environmental challenges and a demanding marketplace by continually reviewing their strategies, changing and developing new products, ideas and services and adapting existing solutions to stay ahead of the competition. On
the other hand, consistency is key to building sustainable practices and long-standing and reliable partnerships that result in mutual growth and learning. Successfully walking the tightrope between these seemingly opposite polarities is no easy task. Still, it is one that the Tsebo Solutions Group has mastered over its more than 50 years of operation. By consistently foregrounding customer care and satisfaction and building reliable supply chains and efficiencies in doorstep communities in the background, Tsebo carefully balances the need for innovation and sustainability.

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