Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide the highest quality, hospital-level cleaning and hygiene services, no matter the sector or environment.


Tsebo Hygiene provides washroom hygiene services, hygiene consumables and pest control for the comprehensive management of an organisation’s health and to mitigate any safety risks


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene provide a full range of pest control solutions, ensuring the health and safety of learning, working and production environments.


Tsebo Cleaning and Hygiene provide high quality cleaning services that support the health of employees, customers and workspaces.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of industry sectors.


Tsebo Cleaning & Hygiene has extensive experience in looking after the health and hygiene of clients across a diverse range of sectors.


Our one-stop, project-based offering coupled with a deep understanding of corporate requirements, provides our clients with future-proofed and sustainable workspaces


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Tsebo Hygiene and Pest Control Solutions


Elevate your business with Tsebo Hygiene and Pest Control Solutions – where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled cleanliness for a safer, superior environment.

Our distinction

■ Tech-Driven Compliance: Leveraging cloud-based technology, our services ensure effortless compliance, backed by real-time data and paperless audit trails.

■ Efficient and Effective: From QR coded bait boxes for pest monitoring to custom reports and trend analysis, our innovative solutions guarantee a pest-free environment and operational savings.

■ Award-Winning Excellence: With over 50 years of experience and multiple PMR.africa awards, our track record speaks for itself. We’re not just a service; we’re your award-winning partner in maintaining exemplary standards of hygiene and pest control.

■ Flexible and agile. Fast, reliable information to keep tabs on pest control.


As an innovative company, Tsebo Hygiene and Pest Control Solutions offers a tech-driven solution for paperless compliance with pest control auditing requirements. Our bait boxes feature QR codes for efficient service tracking, enabling our specialists to implement preventative measures effectively. Clients benefit from real-time access to an online app for comprehensive tracking and documentation of pest control activities.

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Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With 24/7 access to information, environmentally friendly products, and a commitment to excellence, your journey to a hygienic and pest-free environment begins with Tsebo.

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